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Do horses individually think in horse herd dynamics?

We are also curious about whether horses “thought” about anything other then a flake of hay.  More than that, we were interested in what it means to think when you are a horse.  Do they scheme, plan, organize, or engage in any of those more complex thinking & communication activities?  Or, do horses act as individuals when it comes to horse herd dynamics.

We couldn’t really know.  Horse herd dynamics are complicated.  But we did see the strangest thing not too long ago when it started to rain after a long dry spell.

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A Hug

Do horses remember you?

Do horses think?  Do they remember us?  Just what do they think about and what do they remember?  I think that they remember more than we imagine they do.

Horses have huge hearts. We ask them to do our bidding and expect them to participate in our own desires.  We establish relationships with them that can be dynamic and rewarding.  But do they last?  Do horses remember you?

Even after years off from work, a horse will still remember the cue to canter or the meaning of “whoa”.  They might need to be reminded, but the knowledge is there. But do they remember specific people after a long absence?

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Are horses smart?  Maybe.  I think sometimes clever.


Horses clearly think before they act.  Here is a recent example:
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