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Horse Riding Partners

I spent a wonderful hour in the saddle today, working on my communication skills with my horse, Bravo. This is a picture it; our link. He is a willing worker, but even better, he wants to carry his end, to be a partner. Today, while puffy grey clouds gathered for a summer storm and flurries of wind gusted his black mane up and over, we practiced what I like to think of as a dance – that spirit of cooperation that, if we can find it, makes riding so wonderful. Ours was a little out of sync at times, but I can already imagine the day, when it will be as smooth as silk.

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Blossom’s Horse Kisses

Blossom doesn’t know any strangers, just friends she hasn’t nuzzled yet. She is known around the ranch for her nose-to-cheek affectionate greetings. As the youngest and smallest member of the herd, she gets away with her soft nose touches. Her friendly curiosity is contagious too; sometimes one of the more shy horses will follow her up to someone new, to enjoy some of the pets that are being handed out.  Here she is, reaching out to someone new.  It looks like a horse kiss to me…

Ever helpful, Moose is picking up a cup

Moose Helps Out

Moose might just want to become my administrative assistant. Or perhaps administrative… service horse. Now that he has found a way to pick this cup up, he only needs to learn how to fill and deliver it with minimal spilling. He stands 18 hands high. Do you think I could get him onto a plane, if I explained that he is my administrative service horse?

In harmony, touching noses.

In Harmony

Max and Maggie in morning sunlight

Friendship in Black and White

Maximillian, in black, is new to the pasture and the herd.  He has already found a friend in Maggie.  They stand side by side, occasionally touching each other like long-time friends.  Spending time with a friend is a great way to start the day on a happy note.

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Office Work

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Mt. Laguna Picnic

Ranch Carousel Horse

Sasha Running