Hey the water's great, but who designed this really small pool?

Horseplay Moose-Style

The day was hot and Moose was bored.  He had been put into this little square pen to hang out, while other horses were being worked.  No toys.  No playmates.  There was not even a nice tree to provide him with some shade and a few branches to scratch on.  Moose milled about the little pen, wondering what to do. It was one of those dog days of summer that make us all feel like melted marshmallows.  Suddenly, Moose got an idea.  A wonderful, playfully cool idea.  For some horseplay…

There, in the corner of the pen, stood a water trough.  It was a tall, cumbersome, metal container that other horses used for one purpose, and one purpose only: drinking.  Moose stepped up to the water trough.  He dropped his nose into it, and took a nice cool drink of water, just like all the other horses have always done.  By the time he lifted his head back out, however, he had decided to try something new.  He lifted a front foot, carefully raised it over the rim of the water trough, and… dropped it in.

His hoof hit the side with a loud, ringing crack and water flew into the air.  That first jet of water might have surprised him, but instead of pulling back and lifting his hoof out of the trough, he dropped his nose closer to the water!  Again and again, he raised his dripping hoof into the air and dropped it with a splash deep into the trough.  Sometimes he held his head low,  to enjoy the splashing water.  Other times he lifted his great head up and shook it with what must have been glee.

If only the water trough had been big enough, I think he might have climbed right in  and used it as a ranch-style wading pool.  It was horseplay, Moose-style.

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