Tess and Dancer trotting happily side by side in their first team workout

Learning to Work Together: Tess and Dancer

Fall is on its way, and we are once again in training mode.  It is so much fun to reach for the next level with each of the horses.  The only frustration is that we don’t have enough time to focus on as much as we want.  This week we worked with Dancer and Tess, asking them to improve their lopes, which really means, “Let’s try loping!…”   It’s not in their repertoire yet.   They are also learning to work together as a team.  So much fun!  Our goal is for them to stand, walk, trot and lope side by side, without pinning their ears at each other, not to mention no nipping or kicking out their heels.  Here is a picture of Dancer and Tess trotting side by side,  with happy attitudes.  Hooray!  After some initial grumpiness about having their space invaded by each other, they both took to trotting together like ducks to water.  If we can just improve their speed control a little bit, they can form their own mini drill team!

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