sillouette 009

My Shadow

I walked out into the pasture today, and toward the herd of horses calmly grazing on fall grasses.  Soon my silhouette was joined by another, larger one.  It followed me calmly but persistently wherever I went.  As I thought about it, I realized that this particular shadow follows me most times I walk among the horses.  I stopped and looked back at the dear face of its owner, and snapped this picture…  afternoon-horses Max-eye 015 Max.

Max is so big, but so sweet and friendly.  He stood quietly right next to me, all but touching me.  He stood carefully too, so that I didn’t feel threatened nor bumped into by him.

I felt a sense of calm, almost protectiveness from him.  Maybe what I sensed is a kind of loyalty.  He walks over to me when I walk into the herd, but he also walks over to us when he spots us nearby, doing something completely different, and he walks over to our horses when we ride past, as if he’d like to join us.

What is he thinking when he leaves his grazing to come over and shadow my steps?   Does he know that he brightens my day by sharing it with me?

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