Wally-relaxin 037

Wally Loves His Backrubs

Do you know that pleasant relaxed feeling you get when someone rubs those tense muscles in your back, and the burning tension seems to melt away?  Do you sometimes want to just close your eyes and take a little nap, while the world rolls on by?  That must be how Wally feels when he gets his back massage.

Gina dedicates a part of each day to massaging the tension out of some of the sore muscles along Wally’s back, and her hands have been working real magic.   Muscles that have felt tight for a long time now, are softening up, little by little.  A happier, more carefree Wally is emerging.  Today, after Gina had given Wally a light massage, she lead him into the riding arena to walk him through some gentle back exercises.   The morning sun was shining down onto the deep sandy ground, creating a warm blanket over cooler sand beneath.  Wally must have felt that wonderful just-had-a-nice-back-massage lethargy as he followed her into the arena.  In his ultra-relaxed state, the comforting blend of warm and cool sand was more than he could resist.  He slowed to a stop, dropped his nose to the sand to root around for a moment, and then lowered himself down onto the sand.  He relaxed there on the ground, looking at Gina with sleepy I think I’ll just grab myself a few quick winks eyes.  If you look closely at his face, you too might be able to see his heavy-lidded I-can’t-quite-keep-my-eyes-open look.  He stayed there, bonelessly relaxing for a good twenty minutes, before he got up again and completed his light walking exercises.


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