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Horse in a Tree!

Sasha got stuck in a tree today – or, rather, in trees.  She managed to get herself corralled in a small area surrounded by downed oak tree trunks.  We are still puzzling over how she did it. 

The downed oak trees lie in a tangle enclosing an open area, roughly the shape of a triangle, on the side of a hill.  My favorite theory is that she hopped in from the hillside above.  Once inside, she unfortunately couldn’t hop out again.  However she did it, she is not telling, so the mystery remains.

We first noticed that something was up when she didn’t come into the barn area this morning with the rest of the herd.   We set up a search party and headed out to find her.  With so many people looking, it didn’t take too long to find her.  In fact, she had an excellent view of our search from her vantage point on the hill.  When we arrived, she was very happy to see us.  She had probably been thinking that she’d be stuck there until she learned to fly out over the downed oak trunks.

Sasha remained remarkably calm while we made plans for freeing her from her makeshift corral.  We brought up a few horses to keep her company and then Brian started up a chainsaw to cut open a path for her.

While we moved oak limbs, Zack took her mind off her troubles with a small personal gesture – a ripe pear.


Sashafree 131

By the time the pear was finished Sasha’s big adventure was nearly over.  We pulled aside the remaining limbs blocking her path, and she trotted out to freedom.

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