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Blossom stands alone in the fog


A heavy wave of clouds rolled onto the pasture as the sun was dropping down toward the timbered side of North Peak.

The clouds swallowed up familiar landmarks and more. As they muffled the normal afternoon sounds of wildlife and wind, even my ears lost their bearings. Read more…

Blossom plays Follow-the-Leader

Follow the Leader is a Horse Training Game

The other day Zack brought two-year old Blossom into the riding arena. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind, because she wasn’t wearing her usual halter and lead. In fact, she didn’t have anything on at all! Read more…

Blossom-reaching-out 068

Blossom’s Horse Kisses

Blossom doesn’t know any strangers, just friends she hasn’t nuzzled yet. She is known around the ranch for her nose-to-cheek affectionate greetings. As the youngest and smallest member of the herd, she gets away with her soft nose touches. Her friendly curiosity is contagious too; sometimes one of the more shy horses will follow her up to someone new, to enjoy some of the pets that are being handed out.  Here she is, reaching out to someone new.  It looks like a horse kiss to me…

KaileeBlossomPerfect day 1 020

A Hug

Do horses remember you?

Do horses think?  Do they remember us?  Just what do they think about and what do they remember?  I think that they remember more than we imagine they do.

Horses have huge hearts. We ask them to do our bidding and expect them to participate in our own desires.  We establish relationships with them that can be dynamic and rewarding.  But do they last?  Do horses remember you?

Even after years off from work, a horse will still remember the cue to canter or the meaning of “whoa”.  They might need to be reminded, but the knowledge is there. But do they remember specific people after a long absence?

Read more…