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Horse Riding Partners

I spent a wonderful hour in the saddle today, working on my communication skills with my horse, Bravo. This is a picture it; our link. He is a willing worker, but even better, he wants to carry his end, to be a partner. Today, while puffy grey clouds gathered for a summer storm and flurries of wind gusted his black mane up and over, we practiced what I like to think of as a dance – that spirit of cooperation that, if we can find it, makes riding so wonderful. Ours was a little out of sync at times, but I can already imagine the day, when it will be as smooth as silk.

Horse Hello

Horse Hello

 A horse hello is a test of leadership.

How do horses say, “Hello”?   A new gelding (a male horse) has come to the Kenner Ranch, and is being introduced to the horses that live on the ranch in a herd.
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