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sillouette 009

My Shadow

I walked out into the pasture today, and toward the herd of horses calmly grazing on fall grasses.  Soon my silhouette was joined by another, larger one.  It followed me calmly but persistently wherever I went.  As I thought about it, I realized that this particular shadow follows me most times I walk among the horses.  I stopped and looked back at the dear face of its owner, and snapped this picture… Read more…

Moose, Max, and Sasha all follow along behind Zack and his ladder to the apple tree

Moose, Max, and Sasha; Friendly and Curious as Can Be

Zack walked out into the pasture meadow to pick a few apples. He carried a ladder so that he wouldn’t have to jump for them.  Sampson tagged along, walking behind him and keeping him company.  It had been a warm summer day, but the sun would be setting soon.  The temperature had cooled to perfection, and the meadow was green and inviting.

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In harmony, touching noses.

In Harmony

Max and Maggie in morning sunlight

Friendship in Black and White

Maximillian, in black, is new to the pasture and the herd.  He has already found a friend in Maggie.  They stand side by side, occasionally touching each other like long-time friends.  Spending time with a friend is a great way to start the day on a happy note.