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Horses in a Herd use Hierarchy and More

Horses in a Herd have Hierarchy and More

How do horses in a herd interact?

How do horses in a herd interact with other horses?  How do horses interact with people?  If I were to pick a social model, I would say, “Horses in a herd live in a herd hierarchy”.  Think of a social ladder, with some horse occupying each rung.  If this were the case, then the horses that live in our horse herd would be so calm and orderly.
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Horse behavior in a herd is social with leaders and followers

Horse Behavior-How horses become friends

A new horse in the herd gives insights into horse behavior

We have a new weanling here at the ranch (a young horse newly weaned away from its mother) and he is showing something interesting about horse behavior – how a new horse becomes one of the herd.

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